Feeling Overwhelmed with Change – Pace Yourself

The Personal Transition Curve is a fantastic and simple tool. Little stick people who weave their way through a variety of emotions – from Anxiety right the way through to a newly discovered Confidence.

In every training session we run, the body language shows exactly what the client is thinking. Over the last 18 months the workshops we run about legal updates and the Tenant Fee Ban show our clients experiencing a range of emotions.

The Future Proofing Your Letting Business workshop which deals with the tenant fee ban starts off with apprehension and fear, but ends with a sense of excitement and opportunity.

The Legal Workshop brings trepidation and concern – “How much more legislation are we going to have to deal with?” A delegate asked last week. She was right – there is so much more to come, that’s where we come in. She went away ready to implement change, update her team and inform her landlords.

Not being ready Is stressful, causes anxiety and a great deal of uncertainty. PREPAREDNESS is a word that frequently pops up in our blog posts. This allows you to navigate change in a much more efficient manner. It’s about being ready.

Susie CEO

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