Value Your Worth – The Role of a Letting Agent

Lettings is a numbers game – calculating the number of managed properties V the number of Tenant Find Only; calculating the income that will be lost when the Tenant Fee Ban becomes law; calculating how much commission drawn from other sources it will take to replace the lost income.

The current situation for many letting agents does not resonate, yet if your agency is ready, we will see a shift in the Lettings Industry. Agents serious about the future of their business are re-evaluating their worth.

How does a company value their worth? Not financially but in terms of their value to their landlord clients?

For too long the emphasis has been about matching competitors fees – dropping them to attract landlords. When the fee ban is introduced this will be no more. How can an agent make money offering a fully managed at 3%?

There needs to be a shift in the way that letting agents are perceived and an understanding of the value of their worth.

Our newsletter will be providing guidance over the next seven weeks, some very simple and well thought strategies to prepare for the fee ban.

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