Tenant Fee Ban to become Law 1st June 2019

The last reading in the House of Lords made a few amendments to the Tenant Fee Ban Bill, but the most important announcement was that the Ban is set to become Law on the 1st June 2019.

There is nothing new about change in business, there is nothing new about transforming a business, but what’s new and different is that Government is imposing restrictions on an industry that generates billions of pounds in revenue and countless jobs.


Our series of workshops over the last 2 years have proven extremely useful for letting agents who wanted to prepare for the Tenant Fee Ban. Our series of newsletters were so valuable not because they were free, but because they allowed business owners to focus their energy on the important elements of this transition. No panic, just strategies to regroup and plan for what’s to come.

2019 will be pivotal in so many ways. The corporates are answerable to shareholders, the franchise groups are acquiring businesses like there’s no tomorrow, independents - small & medium are refocusing their energies, referencing companies and other suppliers are trying to see how they can assist and soften the blow. There is little point in worrying because everyone in England will be in the same boat.