E-Learning - Still the Way Forward

Just over 12 years ago. we developed a suite of qualifications with the assistance of then, Edexcel. These BTEC qualifications at Levels 2, 3 and 4 were the first of their kind in the Private Rented Sector. Vocational qualifications which were suited to the needs and requirements of learners who worked in Letting Agencies and therefore, had a tremendous level of knowledge, yet had never “qualified”.

Many of our learners over the last 12 years have been distance learners, one of the most cost effective ways to access learning and qualifications. This is not a new method, all over the world, in some remote and not so remote places, E-Learning has been a tremendous resource. It allows learners to have the opportunity to learn in a non- classroom based environment, in fact the “classroom” in question is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). A VLE is a platform which is where materials are housed, work is submitted and the resources available are extensive. Often, there is no restriction on space so the VLE can provide not only the traditional resources - study materials, for example, but also a more 21st Century approach to learning such as, Webinars, Self Testing, Quizzes, Tutorials and of course, instant access to up to date information.

Our new VLE has just been launched. Following on from the soft launch, we will be adding some very exciting elements to the platform which will make the learning experience even more valuable and positive for the learner. So many people we meet have already come across this kind of learning implemented in many schools and universities 20 years ago. There is no need for nervousness, in fact, the VLE becomes a place to find not only knowledge, but support, guidance and comfort.

For more information on the qualifications we offer, contact info@guild-let.co.uk