International Women's Day March 8

#BalanceforBetter is the hashtag for International Women’s Day and so as a woman or a man what impact with this day have on you? There has been a lot of emphasis on the role of Women in societies across the World, countries where women do not have the same rights as men. And whilst the advent of change relating to the role of women in society in some countries has been present for 100 years (Women’s Suffrage celebrated last year), in some respects it is still very slow.

The themes for IWD are focused on building a gender-balanced world where everyone has a part to play - all the time, everywhere. This is a world wide initiative which is no meant to be for one day only - it will last the whole of 2019 and of course beyond.

The Letting Industry is run effectively by women in many middle-management roles. We witness how women deal with contentious, challenging, innovative and quite complex issues everyday. It is so rewarding to see how they navigate these situations in an industry which has grown beyond all recognition over the last 11 years. Their are also some exceptionally gifted Managing Directors and Directors who run phenomenally successful Letting Agencies., who inspire and motivate a new generation of Letting Agent.

#BalanceforBetter is not about being a feminist, it is about finding equality and balance in our day to day life and professional life. We think that this balance exists, yet we see examples that this is not true every day - difference in pay, inequality within the workplace, an imbalance in so many different roles that create a divide.

“Balance is not a women's issue, it's a business issue. The race is on for the gender-balanced boardroom, a gender-balanced government, gender-balanced media coverage, a gender-balance of employees, more gender-balance in wealth, gender-balanced sports coverage ...

Have a wonderful day.