Absolutely Fabulous - Not the Movie, That's What Someone said about our Training

Feedback is extremely important to any business - not just for SMEs, but for large organisations, who may pretend they don't care, yet deep down they do.

So what does feedback help you to do? It is important that you court feedback - many organisations tend to be fearful of what the outcome may be, yet this process must be put in place and actioned on a regular basis. If you provide a specific service in the way our clients do - tenant find or fully managed, for example, the feedback process may entail how a landlord or tenant felt about the quality of the service they received. Were they happy with the lines of communication? Was the lettings process explained to them? Had they been informed about Right to Rent? This is easy to measure and implement through a simple questionnaire. However, it is not enough - measuring the clients' satisfaction is great - what do you do if the feedback is negative or less than complimentary? Obtaining feedback or receiving a complaint is a means of "bench marking" or "quality assuring" your business and your team, so it should never be shied away from.

Feedback - even the negative kind (if you are serious about your customers and your business, gives you the opportunity to reflect and put right whatever is going wrong. We all loathe criticism, however in some cases it is needed. So follow-up any concerns a customer might have, investigate and be sure to go back to them with the outcome. It is important to demonstrate that you are customer care focused. Winning business is challenging enough as negotiators are well aware of, keeping the client is crucial. Don't be shy, ask. You may be surprised by what you hear.

Sallie B - "Absolutely Fabulous ! relaxed learning environment which covered and clarified the areas I did not feel confident in. I could have sat with this trainer for another 8 hours learning and listening. Refreshment facilities were poor though."

Tracy Y - "Statute overrides contract! Woo hoo! Thank you very mush. My brain hurts (in a good way) from all the knowledge & listening. I've taken so much away from today & feel a lot more confident in role. I think I will be able to offer a more informed service to my clients."

Nicole C - "My second course. Very informative, extremely interesting and engaging. Love these courses - want more CPD. Thank you."

Susie Crolla - CEO

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