Post Referendum Comment

It has been an interesting few weeks. We witnessed, in disbelieve, the death of an MP in broad day-light and the way her death appeared to unite our politicians . We rejoiced as the first British astronaut returned from his stay on the space-station (Quicker to get back from the moon than navigating one's way around the M25). We were given the opportunity to vote on the future of our country. We technically "left" the European Union. We listened to the Prime Minister resign. We watched Donald Trump arrive in Scotland seemingly not aware that Scotland had voted to stay in the EU. We saw the Labour party fall apart as Sunday unfolded. We watched (some of us) happy campers stuck in mud at Glastonbury as headliners Adele and Coldplay united the crowd and apparently everyone who watched them from the comfort of their armchairs. Goodness - exhausting and that's just OUR news. So, where does last week's news leave us? Into the unknown - the Conservative Party have no plans yet & of course no leader; the Scottish do have intentions; the Labour Party - well, who knows. When the country woke up on Friday morning, the people who actually went to bed, there was an expectation that the country would change straight away; no so, it will take a while. However, what was clear from talking to people and listening to feedback was that there is a sense of uncertainty and apprehension - that we are venturing into the unknown.I am sure Government have a lot of more pressing matters to deal with, nevertheless, changes will happen - we are just not sure how and when. The European Communities Act 1972 will be impacted as well as any EU directives which may be subject to repeal or implementation. This will include the EPC Regulations and the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations. No doubt the recently introduced Immigration Act 2014 will be affected as will the Housing and Planning Act given Royal Assent last month.

We will, of course, keep you up to date.
Susie Crolla CEO

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