Property Managers - Key Personnel for a Successful Letting Agency

We spend a lot of time working with directors, lettings negotiators, administrators, letting managers, finance teams, yet one of the most challenging roles to fill and fulfil is that of a Property Manager. The processes and procedures relating to lettings can be likened to a novel - we have a beginning, a middle and an end. The negotiators land the business , the property mangers keep the business. They are often accountable for the elements relating to compliance, customer service & customer care.

What makes a Property Manager not just excellent but exceptional?

1. The skill set and qualities of a Property Manager are extremely diverse. Listening, delegation, organisational, problem-solving, time-management skills are a basic pre-requisite. Being empathetic, sympathetic, understanding, patient, cool under pressure add to the offering. These are the "caped crusaders" who swoop in and understand that the property management department is NOT a complaints department, it's about problem-solving and finding solutions.

2. The property managers are CRMs - Client Relationship Managers who provide a service to landlord clients, they also respond to internal customers. Our larger clients will take a property manager to meet with clients so the landlord in question knows who will be responsible for their investment.

3. Knowledge is power and whilst there are approximately 300 pieces of legislation impacting landlords, a property manager will be certain to know at least a third. Being a landlord is becoming more and more complex, the property manager is there to release that burden by ensuring both landlord and tenant are protected.

4. Under the client's expectations and meet them. Landlords have a responsibility to maintain and repair, failure to do so can have repercussions. It's not about spending money in a futile manner, it's about ensuring the investment is maintained and does not deprecate.

5. It's business with a customer focused approach. It's always impressive to listen to Property mangers who a. Know the intricacies and history of each property b. Have forged a strong working with landlords c. Are capable of diffusing difficult situations without losing their temper.

Super human? Not quite but almost. When you find a good one, reward them and don't let them go because they are difficult to find.

Susie Crolla CEO