Snow Day? Not for Everyone.

Since Tuesday, the whole of the UK has been hit by temperatures below zero and snow. The weather which unraveled itself just a few days before the official onset of Spring has caused disruption and chaos across the country.  The 'Beast from the East' as it has been referred to, sent us temperatures, ice and wintry weather. And as it has worked its way up and down the country, the Siberian weather means that we are experiencing the coldest spell for 27 years.

Schools, offices, railway stations have closed unable to deal with "inconvenience", "misery", "interruption", "pandemonium" that this kind of weather brings. Whilst we  love talking about the weather, it isn't at the top of anyone's agenda or budgets. We can deal with "normal" weather but extremes send us all a little bit mad. We just aren't made for this kind of weather. The Local Authorities do not have the infrastructure to cope with even keeping main roads ice and snow free. The retailers have been caught out because they are stocking Spring/Summer clothing.  Wandering around London since early Tuesday evening, all you would have seen were tourists trying to find refuge in restaurants and cafes as the Capital started to close down. 

However, not everyone is bothered by the snow. The phrase "Snow Day" has crept into our vocabulary. Not sure what it means. Is it the equivalent of a "Duvet Day" spent in the now instead of in bed?  A lot of children have been spending their Snow Day in parks tobogganing. Some adults are meant to be working from home, but in fact they are tucked away in pubs, restaurants and cafes. At least the snow is good for some businesses.

We have to be grateful for the Emergency Services, Army and so many volunteers who have rallied around to help the elderly, vulnerable and so many people who have been stranded on trains. in cars and on roads and motorways. It is always through adversity that people begin to pull together.

As the Weekend unfolds, let's make sure we stay safe and stay warm, and try to enjoy these snow days.