Training and The Learners

On average I spent 2-3 days training. The training could consist of day courses, BTEC tutorials or in-house training. I have no preference , imparting knowledge, working with new & existing clients is what drives me - the fun elements such as pop-quizzes, tests and games ensure that the groups I work with stay awake."Dear Susie, Thank you very much for the information and thank you for your well delivered training, I have to say it was very enjoyable and I noticed nobody fell asleep, so that has to be a good sign. Following the meeting and inspired by your comments Nick - WestCoast Properties" It's important that every training session is fresh and there is no complacency on my part. The goal is to ensure the learners leave having fulfilled their objectives and requirements. So EVERY training session is all about THEM. The courses we deliver centre around compliance but the following elements are always included at some point:- 1. Professional & Personal Development - understanding what the individual needs to further their career. Looking at the options open to them so they can improve their skill set. 2. Understanding the worth & value of the service agents offer. It's a service industry and there are so many aspects which are undervalued or not promoted. 3. The Action Plan - a feature of every course that helps the delegates stay focused on what needs to be done when they get back to the day job and attempt to unravel what was discussed. Training is great, training without an objective is a waste of money and time. Think carefully about what the agency needs and which course best suits the team.
Susie Crolla CEO
The Guild of Letting & Management

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