World Cup Fever & Joy

Today we witnessed perhaps the most important game for the England Squad in the World Cup. It has only been a few days but the momentum has started and it is clear that there is a real sense of community and camaraderie on a global level.

Yesterday Mexico did not just start a Mexican wave, the whole country almost started a Tsunami created by pure joy. The tiniest nation, Iceland took on one of the juggernauts of the sport, Argentina - it was like David taking on Goliath. Ronaldo illustrated his prowess against Spain making him the GOAT. It is interesting to watch how sport can have such an impact on society, a country's mood, on the economy. Every advert on commercial channels has some kind of link to the World Cup - the amount of revenue generated by this tournament is eyewatering. Congratulations must go to Gareth Southgate who somehow managed to look like a very reserved Estate Agent until, England scored. Well done to Harry Kane who clearly CAN. It is wonderful to see the team to start off well.

LTC World Cup Pundit 2018