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31 Days to go until the Tenant Fees Act 2019 becomes Law

Anticipating change or the next episode of Game of Thrones can be quite traumatic. Since Phillip Hammond’s announcement in his Autumn Statement which feels light years away, there has been a lot of deliberation over what can and cannot be charged , the impact on the Private Rented Sector, the impact on not only SMEs but all agency types and most important of all the impact on tenants.

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So what do Letting Agents actually do for their Landlords?

The spotlight is well and truly on the Private Rented Sector; discussions in abundance about the value of a Letting Agent towards their consumers. We are very well aware of the struggle that so many experience when trying to find a place to live, and more so a home that is fit for purpose. Yet, given the continuous introduction lion of Legislation, we felt an overview of what Letting Agents are dealing with on a daily basis would be interesting.

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