Behave like a King Penguin

What inspires you to make changes to your life, your business, your well-being? It's usually a life-changing experience, something that jolts you to your core. Yet it needn't be like that.

In a few weeks time we will witness the dawn of a New Year. We start feeling that we should be inspired to make change, motivate ourselves, get to the gym, eat less, have a dry January, make lists in our new diaries.

If you watched the Blue Planet 2 last week, David Attenborough explained, as only he knows how, the way the King Penguins make their long journey to a resting place, a colony, where something simple, yet extraordinary happens. They stop for a whole month. During that month they shed their incredible feathered coats, for to expose a brand new sleek penguin suit, lose weight before they set off again on an incredible journey hopefully without getting squashed by a walrus or being eaten by a shark. During that month they do nothing.

We should all behave like King Penguins, not literally, metaphorically speaking. How often do we head off to find calm, lose weight, relax and start off on whatever journey we are on. We tend to do the opposite - Christmas is a time of excess. We keep going until we have had our fill of turkey, Prosecco, pudding and Christmas TV.

The down-time we have over the next few weeks should be King Penguin time. A time to reflect on the great work we have done and the opportunity to sigh with relief and show gratitude that we weren't eaten by sharks!

Susie Crolla CEO