Does Social Media really add value to our lives?

As the world tries to come to terms with the continued fumbling of President Trump, tragedy in Barcelona amongst other things, a story that hit the headlines over the last few days is that Taylor Swift removed her content from most of her social media platforms. Just over 10 years ago many of us tentatively joined Facebook and Twitter not really grasping the enormity of would follow. No one truly knew that as these platforms grew more popular they would have a gargantuan effect on society - the way we interact, socialise, live our lives, do business. So the fact that Ms Swift removed her "life" from social media has caused outcry. This is a woman who has made a fortune from using her relationships to great effect - apparently every tune she pens is in sum shape or form about an Ex. Removing herself, for some, is paramount to treason - with such a high profile and followers in the millions, why would she do such a thing?

Is Social Media so important to our existence that if we remove ourselves, we risk being forgotten?

Every thing in life has its place and everything in life has its purpose. It's highly unlikely TaylorSwift  will be forgotten , she has probably garnered more publicity by removing her Twitter Tales. But what about the unknown minions who take that bold step? Does anyone care or even notice? I removed myself from Facebook two months ago. I used it to stay I touch with family and friends abroad, a super speedy link to those people far far away. The reaction? No one has noticed. No tears. No drama. No public outcry. The impact on me? I feel liberated. I'm not missing out and I have returned to my preferred medium of writing letters.

Unlike Social Media, there is now something quite special about receiving a letter. There is a sense of value, importance, an impact that Social Media does not create. Obviously Social Media is immediate as we experience the World and every event that occurs in "real time", a positive of course, yet we are over saturated on platforms that have caused some to be addicted to their devices for fear of missing out on yet another photo of a cat! Will it ever stop? Unlikely since the value of these organisations TwitterInstagramFacebook, is far too high. Their place in history is set in stone, they serve more than what their founders thought their purpose would be.

An ink pen and ink

So is damaging to take a Social Media hiatus?

Our chosen Media for business is Twitter and LinkedIn. We are told we are missing a trick by not being present on Facebook or failing to make full use of  our YouTube channel, but sometimes, in fact most of the time, it feels great to have a chat with a client on the phone or meet face to face. There's nothing better than human contact. In an industry where there appears to be a PropTech revolution, we still have so many clients across the country who do not use any form of Social Media. So rather than take a rest , they haven't even engaged. Their businesses aren't damaged and they are doing rather well, in fact. It's like anything, every thing in moderation is great but after a while it all becomes a bit boring. Mixing it up is fun - bringing together the old and the new - that's the best part.

Susie Crolla CEO

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