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The Role of the Strategist

Being a business person isn’t easy and being a business person when your focus tends to be your Passion is even harder. Take chefs and fashion designers as an example. Their creativity is sparked by their love for what they do - creating a new recipe and designing a spectacular gown is far more rewarding for them than running the numbers, setting targets, putting together projections for a five year business plan.

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Which kind of Strategy suits your Letting Agency?

Whether you run a Corporate or a Start-Up, it is important for management, owners & directors to know exactly which kind of strategy suits the vision and direction the business hopes to go in. With the advent of the Fee Ban, no one can really anticipate what the Private Rented Sector will look like in 12 months time, let alone 5 years time. Letting Agents are attempting to navigate the unknown - business plans have to be altered as do business models - is a fee increase to landlords warranted or should Agents hold fire just to wait and see how the land lies?

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